About Us

Who I am: My name is Ming Lee, a passionate traveler who is obsessed with cheap flights and budget travel. I strongly believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to see the world. In fact, one of my favourite pastime is scouting for cheap flight tickets and travel deals. However, it’s impossible for me to snatch every opportunity… so I’ve decided to start this site to provide the information for FREE. As well, I will be sharing tried-and-tested travel hacks.

Please note that I am not an agent. This site is purely a labor of love, as my way of giving back to the travel community.

Contact: You can reach me at admin@flyerism.com

Address: P.O.Box 108A, MINDEN JLN 1, Middleton, 11700, Penang, Malaysia.

Yours truly, Jackie

This is me backpacking at Cairo, Egypt